Yearlstone Vineyard

Situated in Mid Devon, in the Exe valley, Yearlstone Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in the UK. It is 200 feet above sea level and has natural protection from the west, north and east. The soil is a silty clay loam over fragmented Devon red sandstone with excellent drainage and is perfect for vines. Even in peak summer this part of mid-Devon is sleepy and quiet, apart from the sounds of various birds of prey and corks popping in the café-winebar.

The vineyard was started in 1976 by pioneering English viticulturist Gillian Pearkes. She planted many different wine varieties collected on her worldwide travels and experimented with wine growing techniques for the English climate. The vineyard had an international reputation thanks to Gillian's pioneering efforts.

After Gillian died in 1993, Roger and Juliet White bought the vineyard in 1994, which at the time had no buildings at all on it. Since then they’ve added their own house, as well as a state of the art winery and a café with a lovely outdoor terrace looking out over the beautiful river Exe valley.

They have also expanded the vineyard from the original 1.5 acres of mature vines to over 7.5 acres. As well as the vineyard, there is a mature orchard with many apple trees, from which excellent cider is made.